Corvette Owners Owners Manual on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. New. Reprinted courtesy of general motors. pdf. Just plug in the appropriate year. Unfortunately it only. C4 General Discussion – Owners Manual Case – Did the owners manual for the coupe come in a case? If so does anyone have a pic available?.

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The proper lubricant should be used.

I have a GM shop manual, excellent condition. Instead, sales of the Z51 Corvette continued to lead the way, although this option was only made available in coupe form.

Thanked 60 Times in 57 Posts. The one I am looking for has a landscape layout. Your question owner be posted in:. Additional structural reinforcements were added to oowners cowl structure, including the steering column, its mounts, the front torque box and the dashboard mounting beam.

If you notice manuxl leaks or fumes, the cause should be found and corrected at once. Send a private message 186 island Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Find More Posts by corvettemaster.

Inspect boy near the exhaust system. Find More Posts by Silver96ce. Send a private message to bogus. Cookies This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. The Recall Began During November Click for Advanced Search. As I remember, there was no case. Thanks for your reply. Find More Posts by dbeall It irks me to pay 35 bucks for a reproduction. Find More Posts by bogus. Send a private message to MK Find More Posts by j-vette. Can 19866 help me get the missing pages?


I downloaded the file that you sent!! This may mean a wheel balance is needed. Subtle cosmetic changes were made for the convertible as well, although the Corvette maintained a clear likeness to its coupe counterpart. Water dripping from the air conditioning system after use is normal.

PDF versions of corvette owners manuals, FREE

I bought my ’86 from the original owner. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.

janual To equalize tire wear and obtain maximum tire life, it is suggested that tires be rotated at 7, miles 12, kilometers followed by 15, miles 25, kilometers thereafter. Fuel injectors are a common issue on early model C4 Corvettes. Since VATS is not connected to the alarm system, it is active even if if the car is left unlocked or the alarm system is defeated. To reduce the risk of personal injury or property damage, be prepared to apply the regular brakes promptly if the car begins to move.

May 19, Nhtsa Campaign Id Number: Also, a pull right or left on a straight, level road may show the need for a tire pressure adjustment or wheel alignment.

C4 Corvette | Ultimate Guide (Overview, Specs, VIN Info, Performance & More)

While there was certainly no question that Corvette engineers, workers and fans alike welcomed back the nostalgia-filled convertible, its price proved to put the car just out of reach for most consumers looking to purchase a convertible sports car that year. Click for Advanced Search.


Engine Drive Belts Inspection — Inspect all belts for cracks, fraying and wear. Take care to thoroughly clean any areas where mud and other debris can collect. The last six digits begin at and run thruaccounting for each of the 27, Corvette Coupes and the last six digits begin at and run thruaccounting for each of the 7, Corvette Convertibles built in Thanked 28 Times in 28 Posts.

Find More Posts by stoney Anti-lock braking system known to fail, causing brakes to lock up.

Send a private oners to prinzSD Clean outside of radiator and air conditioning condenser. It was given to me, and I don’t need it. Twenty were built with manual transmissions while the other thirty were fitted with automatics. If so does anyone have a pic available? The ABS system can also cause erratic pulsating in the braking system, even when brake pedal is fully depressed.

Any time you want to give away another one, I call ownerd Send a private message to WVZR The replacement heads incorporated centrally located copper-core spark plugs for better combustion.

Find More Posts by lopezisgod. In several instances, erratic acceleration is unexplained.