The Akai MB76 provides simple automated signal routing at a very low cost. The MB76 has 7 inputs and 6 outputs and the ability to route any of the inputs to any. used Akai MB 76 splitter mixerMIDI controlled via PC 32 presetsMix any 7 inputs to any 6 outputsSave presets and recall with MIDI Program. Used together, the Akai MB76 Mix Bay and PEQ6 Equaliser can bring a limited but useful degree of automation to the MIDI-based home studio. Ian Gilby.

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Midi Quest Pro x Midi Quest includes all of the standard features you would expect to find in a MB76 Editor and Librarian along with unique capabilities found nowhere else. Patch Bank and Patch. Integrate the MB76 with your DAW and use it the same way as a soft-synth or run the editor as a separate application connected to your MB You can display, edit, tweak, organize, audition, archive and manage your MB76 from the focal point of your studio.


This module runs in all three versions of Midi Quest: The more advanced versions of Midi Quest include additional features such as plug-in capabilities, patch generators, and advanced tools to manage larger MIDI systems and patch collections.

Sound Quest Akai MB76 Editor/Librarian

Below is a small sampling of Midi Quest features. For more detail on Midi Quest and the differences between the three versions, please click here. Each graphic editor is custom designed with logically grouped parameters to provide fast and easy editing off SysEx parameters. Real Time Updates – all parameter edits are automatically sent to the instrument so the instrument stays in sync with your editor.

Parameter Editing ,b76 any way you want to Unlimited Undo with auditionable history for risk free editing and experimentation. Real time tracking and display of edited vs.

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Automated and manual patch auditioning options: Intuitive multi-patch drag and drop interface to copy, paste, or swap patches within the current bank or akxi other banks.

Unlimited Undo with undo history – back out of any editing changes. Find patches in large banks quickly by entering a partial name. Transfer patches from the bank into the editor with manual or auto save options.


Akai MB76 Midi Programmable Mix Bay 7 in 6 out Patchbay Signal Router | eBay

Backup all SysEx data from your MB76, just in case Automatic import of SysEx data stored in. Imported SysEx data is automatically transferred into the appropriate Midi Quest editor.

Active Receive – when enabled, any SysEx bulk dump manually transmitted from an instrument is automatically received into the appropriate editor. Autosense automatically configures communication for most MIDI hardware. Create Logic environment files containing the MB76 patch names.

Akai MB76 Midi Programmable Mix Bay 7 in 6 out Patchbay Signal Router

Create Pro ToolsPerformer and Ardour compatible midnam xml files with patch names. VST and AU automation record and playback of all parameter edits.

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