“If Harry Potter has given you a thirst for fantasy and you have not discovered the magic of Terry Brooks, you are in for a treat.”—Rocky Mountain News. If Harry Potter has given you a thirst for fantasy and you have not discovered the magic of Terry Brooks, you are in for a treat.”—Rocky. Title: The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara: Antrax Author(s): Terry Brooks ISBN: 1- / (USA edition) Publisher: Availability: Amazon .

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The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara. Antrax Terry Brooks, Author. To ask other readers questions about Antraxplease sign up. But there is no practical way to access this information, so Walker chooses to destroy the power-hungry computer, which is quickly becoming a danger to the whole world.

Carl Alves — author of Two For Eternity They are manipulative and controlling, and even though they consider themselves to be well-intentioned, they are not always successful in appearing so.

What I like about this trilogy broks how Brooks has departed from the typical magical entity that has to be destroyed and is instead using an artificial intelligence system from the old world our world as the bad guy in this novel.

The story itself is a great combination of fantasy and science-fiction.

Works by Terry Brooks. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Sep 18, Minutes Buy. My only broks issue with Antrax was that the story kept going back and forth. Pretty exciting ending though. I think the readers and critics both appreciate that in my work.


I also think that she will switch sides and help Bek and company against Morgwahr in the final installment of the trilogy. More By and About This Author.


After so many years of Shannara, I constantly discover that where I need to go with a story is apparent from the material already written. It was a little long winded, but in a good way, as Terry Brooks always is more so in the middle of this book. In reviewing Ilse Witchthe Library Journal found “a new level of history and depth,” while the Dallas Morning News wrote that your powers as a novelist were “ascending. You can sleep well. So, this book was good.

At least, it ought to engage us more thoroughly and make us look forward to the third. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Yet the existence of Antrax was implicit from the very beginning, in The Sword of Shannara. A very powerful druid, entering a lair of a modern age computer complex, Guarded by droids and indestructible cyborg killers.

The sweep of the Four Lands history incorporates so much that it is impossible to set it all down at once or even in a couple of books.

The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara: Antrax

I think I may have enjoyed this perhaps a bit more than the Ilse Witch. Ilse Witch Antrax Morgawr This one I feel is not one of those.

Certainly, the inclusion of the Word in both sets of books is intentional. It became the first work of fiction ever to appear on the New York Times trade paperback bestseller list, where it remained for over five months. Terry Brooks has thrilled readers for decades with his powers of imagination and storytelling. Jan 06, Kate rated it it was amazing. It hunts men for its own designs. The story branched off in a lot of gerry areas. Also by Terry Brooks.


It has enough twists to keep you guessing though some were pretty easy to guess and enough mystery to make you want to buy Morgawr book three. And yes, back to broooks hardcovers! As the crew aboard the airship Jerle Shannara is being attacked by evil forces, the Druid’s protege, Bek Rowe, and his companions are being pursued by the mysterious Ilse Brave explorers led by the last Druid, Walker Boh, traveled across unknown seas in search of an elusive magic. That is a conscious decision on my part, of course.

It sort helped tie the long-term storyline together a bit.

The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara: Antrax by Terry Brooks | : Books

With the Jerle Shannara under siege and Antrax threatening the bold and unwary, the Ilse Witch finds herself face-to-face with a boy who claims to be the brother she last saw as an infant. Jarka Ruus Tanequil Straken Meanwhile, Walker realises that the ‘magic’ they have been searching for is actually the science of the Old World, stored on Antraxwhich could be used to rebuild society with new technology.

She has only one protector: Apr 30, Just Bill rated it liked it. Antrax was the name given to the unseen enemy that traps souls and feeds off magic that anyone possesses.

He gets more annoyed when Ahren Elessedil escapes his imprisonment and the seer, Ryer Ord Star is able to lead him astray as directed by Walker anyrax at his death.