Billionaires & Ballot Bandits has ratings and 38 reviews. Margitte said: Jimmy Carter once said, “America should have a president as good as its peo. Billionaires & Ballot Bandits: How to Steal an Election in 9 Easy Steps. Greg Palast will offer any Pacifica affiliate 5 copies of his new book to use as premiums . Billionaires & Ballot Bandits names the filthy-rich sugar-daddies who are super- funding the Super-PACs of both parties – billionaires with nicknames like The Ice .

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The inside information he obtained on Rev. I read that book when I was ish, and it was a huge influence. Greg Palast uncovers the various ways the corporate elite are influencing the election, and how they might even be able to steal it.

He explains how election thieves rely on nine classic methods to steal elections: Our campaign finance system has become legalized bribery.

Walker rated billioonaires really liked it.

The Oval Office has been the residence of craven con-men, sanctimonious scoundrels, psychopathic blood worshippers, vainglorious vulgarities, rich dicks and wannabe rich dicks, fraudsters, fakers, and worse: Oct 07, Bill Fritz rated it really liked it. The GOP War On Voting The detail in the book about control over countries, for instance, how the Greece fiasco happened, and how Obama and Clinton prevented the world economy to collapse is nothing but seriously disturbing.

Palast, you frighten me. His intention with this book: This book should make everyone who reads it so outraged that they actually stop allowing themselves to be anesthetized by myriads of distractions and begin working to restore and protect voting rights for every eligible voter in the U. Palast is one of the last great investigative reporters and a great storyteller.


The working class of Detroit was losing billions of dollars in wages and pensions. It was slick, new, and several stories: My team cracked the computer codes and found the names of ninety-one thousand criminals—felons—Harris listed to purge from voter roles.

It’s a sort of crash course on not just voter disenfranchisement if that’s a wordbut also the Koch brothers, the teabaggers, the Keystone XL pipeline, tort reform, campaign finance, Citizens United, so on and so forth. Paperbackpages. Oct 30, Kelli rated it liked it Shelves: Someone wants Detroit to fall to its knees, wants Robert Pratt to stay awake at night hoping against hope to keep his bungalow in the warzone of 8 Mile. Please consider supporting our work by donating or subscribing. More of his accomplishments can be found elsewhere on the internet.

Now, all Goldman had to do was line up some suckers with more money than sense, some big European banks that handled public pension funds, and get them to put up several billion dollars to join with Paulson to insure these shaky mortgages.

This investigative journalist has an easy to read style, loaded with facts that yup he actually did the leg work to collect. And the names of their victims. Compare it to the foreclosure diagram.

Billionaires & Ballot Bandits

Told with Palast’s no-holds-barred, reporter-on-the-beat style, the facts as he lays them out are staggering. Oct 09, Tyna rated it it was amazing. That meant that the rest of the houses would go too. Refresh and try again. Although it has not been reported, Obama has shown some backbone in standing up to the financial excesses of billiknaires men behind Romney.


And that leads to lawsuits. Here is the real battle of — a winner-take-all war over the control of the world financial system.

A bxllot investigative reporter gets very close to the shenanigans prevalent in our recent general elections.

Kickstarter: Election Games: Billionaires & Ballot Bandits by Greg Palast » FAQ — Kickstarter

Even if they still lived in the state, or even if they had remained in the house. It seems the Republican Party had challenged the rights of voters to cast ballots because their addresses were no longer valid, having lost their right to live where they lived.

Is it a loaded question? We pretended to film some executives, following them through the security doors, into the main lobby, and up to Mr.

They did hundreds at a time. A lot of this shit I was somewhat familiar with, from keeping up with the collection of Blame America First blogs and websites in my Google Reader, but it really took reading this book to realize the extent to which it’s all interrelated.

Palast uncovered but I think his conclusion is all wrong.