Designing The Future has ratings and 12 reviews. Alice Elizabeth said: I agree that we need to change the way we’re living. From both a sustainabilit. Buy Designing the Future: Read 9 Kindle Store Reviews – Jacque Fresco’s futurist book, Designing the Future serves is a manifesto for redesigning civilization itself.

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Their history proves that the Jew is extremely cruel and at the same time a coward. At one time, architectural adornments were an integral part of construction. Imagine going to the moon, for example!

Designing The Future by Jacque Fresco

At least Jacques Fresco is trying to provide a solution. The concept of the rule of law doesn’t advocate more laws.

You could write a whole book, and many have, just on things that people thought were impossible up until the time they happened. Would you claim a bigger house, a more luxurious car, or high-definition TV?

Important documents and proclamations have been issued granting rights and privileges to members of societies, but at the heart of human progress – or destruction – is the rock-solid foundation of science. Sep 02, Denys Sergushkin rated it it was amazing. The architecture and individual dwellings of the cities evolve in an entirely different manner from past houses.

The issue of energy could be classified as a number one issue of the modern world and it is precisely through energy the world has been enslaved and brought to the miserable state it is in with all these wasteful and polluting technologies of oil and coal. Even a peace treaty cannot prevent another war if the underlying causes are not dealt with.

In fact, money as it is right now is literally worthless.


The majority might be, but there is always exceptional cases that don’t ghe precedent and need moral discretion. Maybe they will wipe out corruption and work towards everyone’s well-being. Self-monitoring systems will tell the vehicles when service is required, and they would transport themselves thhe service and maintenance facilities.

First of all, it is inherently inhumane despite the fact that the authors sing all sorts of praises to this “progressive” and most humane ideology of “resource based economy” and the rest of it.


Most people have insufficient money to purchase even the barest of necessities. We still have vresco society based on scarcity and the use of money. If we could reconceptualize global society at a more popular level, rather than purely at an academic level, our task would be somewhat similar to the popularization of science attempted by such people as Carl Sagan.

I might be willing to overlook my questions about how the future cities would work if only Fresco could give me a path, show me the plan, for how we are going to get from here to there.

The crime rate and psychiatric problems are bound to go up through the roof, purely out of frustration. fesco

These explanations tended to be simplistic and in many cases harmful. It is them who control the world economy.

Book Review: Designing the Future (2007) by Jacque Fresco

But who and why would coordinate and obtain the resources for all these humongous projects, especially considering there is no money? Anyone who doesn’t know about it should go to thezeitgeistmovement. People usually blame themselves or “fate. These super-sized skyscrapers assure that more land is available for parks and wilderness preserves, while concurrently helping to eliminate urban sprawl.

Factories can be designed by robots for robots; cybernated systems are self-programming by means of environmental feedback. These new cities would also provide all manner of recreation within a short distance of the residential district. Nearly all the researchers who were able to reproduce the Tesla transofrmer or create other versions of fuelless energy generators were killed and their labs and facilities were destroyed.

Eight hundred and fifty two million people across the world are hungry. Manuela Leskovar rated it it was amazing Jan 17, If I didn’t have to go to work I would sit about and read books and play computer games all day.

In fact, it must not be.

Designing the Future

There will be more on FEMA as we proceed. I’m completely willing, and would be happy, to be proven wrong on this though. Conceptually, this framework does not make any sense even though some things seem to correspond to reality. Fusion energy is the same energy that drives the cosmos and the stars. Local governments spend lots of time and resources attempting to update our current cities, roads, and transportation systems.


There would be no need for patents or proprietary information since the end goal is not to make money in order to continue working, but to achieve results that are freely and quickly available to the planet’s entire population. At this point let us leave fersco gentleman muttering to himself about the world moving too fast and a future that has gone too far. The Intelligence can not become dumber. It is still the only thing a lot of poor people have, and is the only way they can get their next meal.

This is a project that many people would be eager and grateful to work on, when the results immediately benefit all people. This is true for any society, whether the power structure is religious, military, socialist, capitalist, communist, fascist, or tribal.

These lessons are designed to challenge the reader to direct the future; not just one’s own, but that of society in general; and not just for one’s own generation, but for those to follow. If Christianity got one thing right, it is that humans are designong to sin.

Without large corporations controlling automobile manufacture for profit, all transportation systems can be designed as modular, continuously updated, and provided with the latest developments in technology.

Now satellites circle the globe beaming down information in fractions of a second about everything that impacts our lives. They clearly state their “god” is Lucifer and he is their “father”. Many of the transport units have detachable components and contain standardized containers making them easy to fuure.