Join Lynne Truss on a hilarious tour through the rules of punctuation that is. When Eats, Shoots & Leaves came out, and people wanted to know the story. Eats, Shoots & Leaves has ratings and reviews. I have, for some reason, frequently been recommended Lynne Truss’s book, though the reason. After reading Lynne Truss’s Eats, Shoots & Leaves, Steven Poole concludes that punctuation should be a help, not a hindrance.

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Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation

This book was a waste of my time. Calendar 3 24 Jun 21, I no longer feel alone.

More often than not, we don’t. The weird thing about this book, a book dedicated to pu This is leavfs I know I’m a real English teacher – I have a shelf dedicated to books just about English. Everyone suoots shocked by how well it sold, the author included. I wanted to buy it on the spot. Other people will undoubtedly find their own unexpected freedoms.

It’s professional development, or something. Mr Shaw believes that Lawrence is a liar: I think my brain put them in for me, which is why I’m very surprised to find these punctuation marks are missing.

It stands up for punctuation and correct punctuation at that. If you ever felt a surge of rage at those who do not understand the difference between contractions, possessives, and plurals, then this book will be like a breath of fresh air for you.

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Up the colon

Admittedly, she does at one point put together a kit for those who would be punctuation guerrillas and risk prison to set the world straight, but by and large she stops short at advocating actual lawlessness. Many people, as the author correctly bemoaned, don’t give a damn, but We’re called sticklers.

Where do you get balaclavas?

Even though I’m sometimes a lazy writer here, I know the problems. The author had a wonderful sense of humor and used it throughout the book.

Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss | : Books

Then I started listening to The Plain White T’s, a band whose shoot makes no sense with an apostrophe, and I knew things were getting serious. Finally, the book does not even achieve what it aims to. Now they don’t bother with the words and just use the question marks, to save time.

This book is not a grammar book but an entertaining nonfiction about the most funny misuse of punctuati This is a first book in a while I read in russian. Truss is a Brit and the usages have not been modified for the American edition of the book.

But colons and semicolons—well, they are in a different league, my dear! When it comes to the comma, however, things get a lot murkier. Her goal is to remind readers of the importance of punctuation in the English language by mixing humour and instruction.

Emoticons and other stuff The author does not think too highly of using emoticons. Add to Cart Add to Cart. I had always assumed an apostrophe was there. This book is a witty rant about the use and misuse of punctuation. Lynn Truss laments the misuse of our punctuation marks, and the possible future demise of a couple, such as the semi-colon. Emoticons I thoroughly enjoyed this short, funny book about British punctuation. Some don’t even use the full stop and especially in the English language, where almost every word starts with a minor letter German, for example, uses capital letters at the beginning of nounsthis is the worst case scenario if you want to know what exactly a person was trying to tell you.


I read this book a very long time ago and about the only thing I remember about it is a cartoon of nine live Roman soldiers and one dead one lying on the ground beside them.

From the Compact Disc edition. Secondly this humorous little volume explored a little of the histo I read this last year and as someone who loves words – and punctuation; it was both amusing and informative, in fact I’m making several purposeful mistakes here as I tell you all about how interesting this book was From the first page this was indeed a thought-provoking book.