The Original grounded grid triode introduced in the early s. Now obsolete part number. Power dissipation: w. EIMAC Z. Later version of Z. The EIMAC Z is a compact power triode intended to be used as a zero- as high as twenty times can be obtained with the Z in a cathode-driven. Tube Z or Röhre Z ID, Transmitting Triode, air cooled, SPECIAL TUBEBASE in Brand: Eimac (brand name) Typ ZG mit Graphitanode.

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Eimac, 3-500Z

Interelectrode Capacitance 1 Grounded Filament Connection. I can only assume they are good-spare as they were marked as such by the former owner good-spare on a note affixed to each of the 3 tubes.

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N4XAEMay 7, For best tube life, the inrush current to the filament should be limited to two times normal current during turn-on. The Elmac Z is a compact power triode intended to be used as a zero-bias Class AB 2 amplifier in audio or radio-frequency applications. Make sure that you’re familiar with the rules before posting or replying in this area. The grid current which results when the desired plate current is obtained is incidental and varies from tube to tube.


KG9DDJun 17, Intermodulation values listed are those measured at the full peak envelope power noted. Not open for further replies. My email address is good on QRZ. N5FUNMay 9, These current variations cause no difficulty so long as the circuit maintains the correct voltage in the presence of the variations in current. The tube must be protected from severe vibration and shock. Share This Page Your name or email address: N5FUNMay 10, Go take a chance!

These conditions assume rectangular drive waveform and a third harmonic, high-efficiency “Tyler” circuit Approximate value NOTE: Your name or email address: The only discernible identification numbers are 4-digit numbers in red ink on the tubes- one tube is 90XX, one tube is 87XX and one tube is 70XX.

Ottar Kvindesland

N5FUNMay 7, Sold pending funds from N8WS. Not would of gave They have not been tested in an amp. Our moderators review every post in this forum and will flag or delete those that do not conform.

The Eimac tubes have never been installed or tested and due to age and possible gassing issues your are buying them at risk and I will not take returns. In all cases, air flow rates in excess of the minimum requirements will prolong tube life.


Other Z tubes were labeled and eimacc soft and short to ground and those were sold to a ham radio callsign display maker; I assume there was a method to the madness. All tubes have the plate cap that is attached by allen screw. A flexible connecting strap should be provided between the heat dissipating plate connector and the external plate circuit.

This 3-50z has ben scanned and OCR’ed from the Eimac data-sheet. Otherwise, even though the base of the tube is reinforced, damage to the base seals may result.

When handling a glass tube, remember that glass is a relatively fragile material, and accidental breakage can result at any time.

However, no guaranty is provided for the consequences of any errors on 3-500s page, or anyone linked from here. All equipment must include safety enclosures for high voltage circuits and terminals, with interlock switches to open the primary circuits of the power supply and to discharge high voltage capacitors whenever access doors are opened. Not open for further replies.