The Oracle E-Business Suite products provide many key flexfields as integral parts of the products. This chapter contains tables with basic information for many . 4 Values and Value Sets. 5 Using Additional Flexfield Features. 6 Key Flexfields in Oracle E-Business Suite. 7 Standard Request Submission. For flexfields and report parameters in Oracle E-Business Suite, values in value sets can affect functionality such as the rollup of accounting data, job grades.

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You use special arguments to these routines so that they work within your report parameter window. However, if the value you copy is not a valid value for that segment, it gives the appearance of overriding a default value with a Ofr value: If you do not have access to Examine, you must use a SQL query in the database to find the ID value from the value set name.

Because a None value set is not validated, a segment that uses this value set does not provide a list of values for your users.

Planning and Defining Descriptive Flexfields

If you are defining a value set that uses a validation table, your maximum orqcle should reflect the size of the column you specify as your value column.

You cannot use quotes, spaces, or other special characters in these value set names, so you should be careful to define your value sets with names that vor not contain spaces, quotes, or other special characters. These permissions are used in the Segment Values form to determine what actions a user can do with values in the form. Meaningful names and descriptions will help later for maintenance and auditing.

Oracle E-Business Suite Flexfields Guide

If you decide to make changes to your flexfield definition, make sure that you freeze and save your flexfield definition again once you have made your changes.

Yes, flexfield value set security is basically a feature without a user interface. The planning phase can be broken into smaller, though still interrelated, steps:.

Note that the values in the new value set do not have descriptions meanings at all, and that any value is now valid: We click on OK to acknowledge the Confirmation message, and then we see the role information with our grant information. You can, however, change the description of a valid value in the Description field after you query up the value or the translated value of a Translatable Independent or Translatable Dependent value set.


Planning and Defining Key Flexfields

Use an ORDER BY clause to ensure that your values appear in a non-standard order in your list of values on a segment that uses your value set. Oracle E-Business Suite use child values to sum families of data or report on groups of data.


For example, a user should flexfuelds be able to create a new part while taking an order for parts using an Enter Orders form; the application should restrict the creation of new part numbers to authorized users using a Create Parts form. E-bussiness all three valuesand are not parent values, you give this range a range type of Child. But, if you enter information into database tables using database tools, you may store invalid information.

The field you choose must exist in the same block as the descriptive flexfield. With the Numbers Only option, you may not enter the characters A-Z, a-z, or special characters such as! You can completely customize the appearance of your flexfield pop-up window for each structure, including its title and the number, order, length, and prompts of its segments. If you are using the Grants page instead of the wizard to set up your flexfield value set security, you also need to find the value set ID number for the value set.

If you are using a legislation for which a Soft Coded KeyFlexfield structure has been defined you should not modify the predefined structure. Your selection of available columns depends on the Format Type you specify, and doesn’t necessarily match your Format Type.

We see an ID number in the Value field of the Examine window. Oracle E-Business Suite reserves certain naming patterns. The effect of flexfield value set security is that a user of the Segment Values form will only be able to view those value sets for which the user has been granted access. Then, you define your context-sensitive segments using the remaining columns. If you want your flexfield to validate your segment value against the value of another segment in this structure, then choose either Low or High in the Range field.


If you need to use SQL functions or very complex WHERE clauses with your table, you should instead first define a view over the table and then use the view.

For the parent valueyou need to specify two ranges so that you include both non-parent values and and parent values You can use a rollup group to identify a group of parents for reporting or other application purposes. If you are defining values whose value set will be used with the Accounting Flexfield, define hierarchy and qualifiers information.

In most cases, this maximum size cannot exceed the size of the segment column in the underlying table for the flexfield that uses this value set.

You can use corresponding default values for segments whose value sets use one of the above sizes. This value is written out to the structure column of the underlying table. Profile The default value is the current value of the user profile option defined in the Default Value field.

How often does your organization change? If you have a grant to access a particular value set, you must access that value set through the path for which it was granted, such as through a particular key flexfield segment, even if it is shared by other segments. Payroll costs must of course go to the general ledger.

This table is the entity table for the object a part, or an item, an accounting code, and so on. Because we have just created a grant for the similar Belgium Accounting Flex structure, we can take a shortcut and duplicate that previous grant.