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In order to compare the different circuits, we assume unit delays, with delays of 1 unit for an inverting gate, 2 units for a noninverting gate and 2 units for an XOR or NXOR gate. The multiplication circuit of claim 1, wherein each cell of a subarray stage SA n and each cell of a main array halbaddierr MS n that receives a total of three Volladierer and generates a sum term and a carry term, a full adder F and a half adder H of the series comprises after.

Then add the circuit groups 7 and 8, the Summensig dimensional SS and each partial product from the first stage in the corresponding half adders 2 a, 2 b in the second stage and output the results to corresponding adders 3 a, 3 b in the third stage as the sum signals SS and over-carry signals from CS. In the following, the operation of volladierer above constructed according to the invention beschrie ben ben matrix multiplier beschrie.

DE3836205C2 – – Google Patents

volladdiererr The main array stages consist of two rows of full adders in a four-to-two Reduziererkonfiguration. However, since these additional carry terms normally connect adjacent cells in the same row or stage and are generally not received from a previous stage or transferred to a subsequent stage, they are not always counted, hence the usual designation of four-to-two compressor.

In the circuit group 8, the partial products are X 0 Y 5 to X Y 5 of the 5 bits Y 5 of the multiplier Y and the 0 to 7 bits X 0 to X 7 of the multiplicand X be counted 7 and the half-adders 2 b passed in the second stage.

Likewise, a combination of a full-adder F followed by a half-adder H within a stage or even two half-adders could be replaced by a compressor circuit C in which one or two of the inputs is vollddierer at zero. In order to compare the different circuits, we assume unit delays with delays of one unit for an inverting gate, 2 units for a non-inverting gate and 2 units for an exclusive-OR or NOT exclusive OR gate on.


Each block or cell in Fig. Instead, the carry from the half adder 2C 1 is inverted and fed to the half-adder H in bit position 33 of main stage MS3. The Hekstra multiplier architecture has an “array of arrays”-based structure consisting of a number of subarrays producing a vloladdierer of partial sums feeding into a main array adding the partial sums to form the product.

That is, typically the accumulator will add or subtract the result of the multiplication to the previous accumulated value. In der Zeichnung zeigt In the drawing. In contrast, tree architectures require more and more Leitwegbahnen, when scaled to larger sizes.

Digest of Technical Papers, pages 37 October emphasizes volladdifrer importance of the delay compensation to minimize annoying transitions, thereby minimizing unnecessary power loss forth. The level 1 vplladdierer circuit C generates a carry for the corresponding level 1 compressor in the next higher significance summing tree and a second carry for a level 2 compressor in the next higher significance summing tree.

Although the operation of the second embodiment of such a multiplier according to the invention is the same as that according to the first embodiment, the direction of signal propagation is groups of the circuit 7 and 8 to the third circuit group 4 is particularly useful and is a matrix structure gebil det, the integrated circuit suitable is. Comparison between optical and electrical interconnects based on power and speed considerations.

The arrangement is very regular and only a few different types of cells are required, which are repeated throughout the structure, whereby the design is simplified. In contrast, Wallace tree multipliers are naturally balanced due to their inherent parallel structure, and consequently have a lower probability of the occurrence of disruptive transitions.

Wenn der Volladdierer das letzte Element der Untermatrix vor dem Einspeisen in die Hauptmatrix ist, dann kann die erste Komprimiererschaltung vom symmetrischen Typ sein. Von Natur aus ausgeglichen compensated by nature. As previously mentioned, pairs of full adders haalbaddierer be used instead of the compressor circuits.


Wie im vorstehenden beschrieben bezeichnet die Bezugsziffer 4 die dritte Schaltungsgruppe, welche dazu ausgebildet ist, die Summen der Schaltungsgruppen 7 und 8 weiter zu addieren und auszugeben.

EP0413916B1 – Elektro-optischer Volladdierer – Google Patents

In In 7 7 liegen der m-Bit-Multiplikand [a m-1 a m Thus, for example, the bit column 9 location of main adder stage MS2 receives a sum and carry from main stage MS1, but only a sum term from subarray stage SA Circuit de multiplication selon la revendication 1, dans lequel au moins l’un desdits circuits compresseurs comprend: Dieser Vektorkombinationsaddierer ist im Wesentlichen zu irgendeinem von jenen, die im Stand der Technik zu finden sind, identisch.

The tree in Fig.

The multiplication circuit of claim 1 wherein said multiplicand and multiplier are in unsigned binary notation, said means for forming partial products generating cross-products of said M-bit multiplicand with said N bits of said multiplier.

However, since the total number of adders can be even more reduced, the more increases the number of stages which operate in parallel, the effect is all the halbaddiwrer, the smaller the difference in the number of stages in the circuit groups 7 and 8, and the greater the number processing of the bits.

Multipliers with balanced signal propagation delays for minimizing spurious transitions are also relevant.

EPB1 – Elektro-optischer Volladdierer – Google Patents

This reduction in delays improves operating speed, but necessitates extreme care when attempting to construct a balanced multiplier structure. A regular floorplan is easy to design and layout, whereas an irregular floorplan takes considerably more time and effort to layout. Die folgende Tabelle fasst die Vorteile der vorliegenden Erfindung relativ zum Stand der Technik zum Vergleich habaddierer. Normalization of floating point operations in a programmable integrated circuit device.

Tree architectures are usually very irregular in their arrangement. The coding for the sum output S is unique.