HOW TO GROW STEVIA. JOSEP PAMIES. 08/11/ Cultivation of stevia. Multiplication and culture. From the spring and almost to mid-August you can go. Que es la stevia? La Stevia en hoja seca en estos momentos está perseguida y apartada de la oferta comercial en toda España. Josep Pàmies Breu. Naturally sweetened with stevia, this carrot cake is particularly suitable for people . Following last year’s tour, Josep Pàmies will again be conducting a series of.

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Some people say organic agriculture could be the answer. He first used Stevia materials as a test case in These factors are the causes to generate excessive active oxygen in the body. Tsutomu Arai who runs a pigsty of 1, pigs started to try Stevia materials on 20 pigs in November It gives us a clear impression that he is trying his best to combine the themes of food, agriculture, and health by the chain of Stevia, and to contribute towards solution of the food and environment problems the world is facing.

As a result, he could increase production and get uniform, good-quality tomatoes at a less cost.


They administered Stevia Extract Liquid to racing horses before a race, took blood and urine from the horses after the race, and analyzed the blood and urine to detect 48 kinds of prohibited drugs. In not only sugar content but in stevvia and size, Stevia peaches are the best.

The leaves of Stevia-cultivated oolong tea are larger in size, of higher stsvia, and softer and easier to be picked off. When cooked in water, the hot water for the Stevia-bred one remained clear, while that for the control one looked a little cloudy.

Most spotlighted are the farm products from USA. From the next year he used Stevia all over his orchard. Anti-oxidizing activity Green tea extract 1 Stevia leaf extract 0.

Here are some examples. According to the experiment carried out by Toshiyuki Maruoka, a chief researcher of the Foundation of New Medicine which studies prevention of E. Under too high content of salt in the soil, plants cannot absorb water and are killed. All of them took root and grew normally, resulting in the total saving of 2. pameis


We recommend you to study how to apply Stevia materials most effectively based on our manuals and find your own methods most suitable jossep you. His second surprise was the slightly sweet taste without any bitterness when he ate a raw leaf.

But there have been many problems arising from too much use of them. We believe Stevia will solve these problems by increasing production of farm products and activating the local industry and economy, because Stevia is finding a very wide range of applications in agriculture, stock raising, farm fishery, forestry, health food and drink, cosmetics, medicine, and chemical industry.


Too much histamine in animals causes allergy, enhances secretion of gastric acid abnormally to cause gastric ulcers and toxication, and produces adverse physiological effects such as platelet aggregate and blood vessel contraction. For example, when combined with oxygen, it becomes superoxide, when combined with hydrogen, it becomes hydroxyl radical, and when combined with water, it becomes hydrogen peroxide.

Consumers have come to buy safe products even at a higher price regardless of size and shape. In order to give advice to farmers, he himself had to try and get satisfactory results. The plants took root very well and fruits grew faster. Utilizamos cookies propias y de terceros para mejorar tu experiencia.

Yoshiaki Kanda in Saitama Prefecture who cultivates Chinese cabbages in 2,m2 of his plastic film house farm first tested Stevia materials in fall in one of the houses.

The feedstuff mixed with antibiotics is widely used for farm animals in Japan to prevent diseases, to accelerate growth, and to increase production.

It tasted very delicious, and I could not believe this was really the rice from Hokkaido. There are many problems with agriculture in Japan. When he ate Stevia watermelon, he could not find any word to say, because even the meat very close to the skin was as sweet as the center meat.


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Many big companies, which have not been engaged in agriculture before, have entered the agricultural business through cultivation, processing, distribution, and even restaurant business. We learned that Stevia materials had a disinfecting activity, so we reduced much of agrochemiclas for this test. But without normal activities of microbes, earthworms cannot get activated.

No diseases were found. They did not find any difference in sweetness, but they commented on Stevia-fed milk as having much better body. The second biggest risk is now in the spotlight, namely the GM foods Genetically Modified foodswhich EU is against.

He found that 1 Stevia reduced the pig raising period by one month, 2 it increased the appetite very much, 3 pigs did not get weary under summer heat, and 4 the meat was very delicious. Some of them have opened a Stevia corner where only the Stevia products are displayed. With these weapons, farmers have won the fights against diseases, harmful worms and insects, and have reduced their labor substantially.

No consumers will pay attention to Stevia-bred meat unless its taste is much more delicious. He also tried various methods when, how much, how of applying Stevia powder and liquid. Stevia Extract Liquid contains surprisingly much of anti-oxidizing ingredients to inhibit active oxygen activity, which causes various diseases and accelerates aging.

pamiws Agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers are so threatening The soil is the foundation of agriculture. It does not generate symptoms in people allergic to rice. Several decades ago, most people ate foods cooked out of raw materials at home.

So, I made up my mind to devote my whole life to the contribution towards solution of these problems for the earth and the life on earth.