Mallam Sile can represent the color Dark blue because Sile is very smart and he knows what he wants. Plus he got the strive to be successful. “Mallam Sile” by Mohammed Naseehu Ali was short listed in for the Caine Prize. Of the eleven Caine stories I have read it is clearly in. 13 dez. Exposition Conflict Resolution Mallam Sile is a lonely man, who owns a tea shop on Zongo street in Kumasi, Ghana. Mallam was treated poorly.

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The harder the crowd cheered for Samadu, the fancier his footwork became. I mallma usually enjoy reading stories online, but I might just get over that But soon after the fight erupted he realised that Abeeba was a lot quicker than he had presumed, as she managed to dodge the first five punches he had thrown at her. Abeeba grabbed the door knob and tried to force it open.

With all the might he could muster, Samadu threw another fist, but Abeeba had already anticipated it. You rubbish heap of a man! Prior to that, Abeeba had tried sils to collect the money Samadu owed them, which was 80 cedis. Meanwhile Abeeba continued her offensive. But Abeeba insisted that she must see the tough guy. Ruining my sleep because of some useless 80 cedis?


Mallam Sile by Nyla Melendez on Prezi

Men, come out o! But her strength was just too much for Samadu.

He stumbled on his left foot when he tried to connect the seventh blow, and he landed within a foot of Abeeba. The women placed their palms on their breasts, shaking their bodies in dread of what was about to happen.

Mallam Sile

But I can tell that it’s funny and well-written. She jumped quickly on top of him and began to whack him violently.

No sound was heard anywhere as Mlalam continued her attack on the tough guy. An hour later, when they were preparing to open the teashop for their customers, Abeeba announced that Samadu had paid the money he owed them. Thank you, Mel U. I am getting fed up mallan their ways, and the sooner the folks here know that even the toad gets sick of filling his belly with the same dirty pond water everyday, the better!

So glad you found my blog through the Weekly Blog Hop. Then a loud bang was heard from the room.

I agree, I really enjoyed this one as well. My thanks to Kinna for hosting this event. Share your story with us: He was topless now, and clad only in a pair of corduroy knickers. Prin pirin pi, Wein son! I hope a lot of people join in. I want to leave the rest of this story unspoiled as I hope others will have the pleasure of reading this story for the first time. He smiled and thanked Allahu-Raheemu, the Merciful One, for curing the street folks of the prejudice they had nursed against him for so long.


I have not yet read this story. And they are often the subject of Ali’s work, which is wonderful.

After her third futile attempt, Abeeba had suggested to Sile that they use force to maklam the money. I love that you’ve been reading all of the Caine Prize short stories, I really should read more of them myself as mllam ones that I have read have been good. Buried in Print-this is a very good story-well worth the few minutes it takes to read it-the online reading of short stories opened up a huge reading world for me- Kinna-I am glad I joined your event and thank you for hosting it-to me Ghanaian Literature Week is what Book Blogging is about-community building and education Parrish Lantern-thanks as always for the comment and visit Heidi-I am very glad we are now fellow followers.